Our Hunts


Alaska/Yukon Moose  

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Our moose population is estimated at 5000 animals and is slowly increasing.  We under hunt our moose to keep our age of bulls harvested high, we take between 0.004- and 0.005 percent of the moose population each year.  Our moose over the past 20 years have consistently averaged 56 inches in spread and 195 B&C.  We hunt moose from early August in the velvet right thru to the end of October after the rut.  For single species moose hunts we recommend doing our boat hunts.  Over 90 percent success rate in last 20 years and most years 100 percent opportunity.  These big bulls weigh over 1200 lb. and as much as 1600 lb.  These hunts are $24,000 all inclusive.



Mountain Caribou



This caribou species is the largest bodied.  We have multiple herds of caribou in our area and hunt every herd.  We consistently harvest old bulls with heavy mass that average 360 B&C.  We have had years that the average was 390 B&C.  We mostly hunt caribou by horseback and only one camp with argo.  Caribou are taken from August 1 thru to the start of their rut at the end of september.  We do not hunt them during the rut due to inedible meat.  The meat becomes good once the bulls have finished rutting so we do a small number of late season hunts.  Late august and early September provide very beautiful white manes!  We run 100 percent success most years on caribou.  The Horseback hunts are $15,600 all inclusive.  Late season hunts are $17,000 all inclusive.



Mountain Goat



Mountain Goats are one of the most majestic animals in the world.  Their large bodies and snow white capes make for a beautiful mount.  Yukon goats are at the most northerly part of their range.  These goats fur up quicker than most and tend to have the largest bodies with some mature billies coming close to 400 pounds.  The horns are similar to any other population of goats with 9 inch being average with 5 1/4 inch bases.  The guides mostly target the older mature big billies.  The benefits of doing a Yukon goat hunt are, you can hunt the goats early in the year before the bad weather and they have the largest bodies which makes for impressive mounts.  We have recently only been hunting our goats in august and first week of september giving us 100 percent success rate for last 4 years.  These goats combine very well with Mountain Caribou and Dall Sheep.  Goat hunts are $15,600 all inclusive.



Dall Sheep

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These beautiful animals are found in isolated pockets through out our concession.  We offer two types of hunts.  The Argo hunt is our Sheep only hunt while the Horseback hunt can be the combo hunt of a lifetime!  Although we sell a Dall Sheep hunt there are Fannin Sheep through out the population.  No extra charge for the Fannin sheep if harvested.  The Argo hunt is in very easy sheep country and has a very high success rate.  This hunt is $25,000 usd all inclusive.  Animals that can be hunted on a harvest fee basis are Yukon Moose ($11,550), Mountain Caribou($6300) and Grizzly bear($11,550).  


Mountain Grizzly


The Grizzly Bear can be one of the hardest animals in North America to harvest.  These bears are very smart and elusive.  We harvest most of our bears in the fall on our Mountain Caribou and Moose hunts.   We do take a limited amount of people each spring for a chance at these icons of the wilderness.  Our 10 day spring hunt sells for $10,000 plus $9450 when grizzly harvested.  These hunts are 50% success with about 80% opportunity.  The opportunity will increase dramatically if you are capable of backpacking!  We do have jet boat hunts which anybody can do!  These spring hunts include the harvest of 2 Black Bear.


Trapline Trip


This experience is for the guy wanting to tag along with an experienced trapper and run a marten line.  Numerous Pine Marten will be caught daily along with Wolverine, Weasel, Mink, Lynx, Wolf, Beaver, Otter and occasionally Fisher.  Included in the price of the trip are one of each species other than Wolf and Wolverine of which a $600 per pelt fee applies.  The trip is conducted with snowmobiles and staying in warm comfortable cabins.  A must do trip for anyone interested in trapping! A 7 day trip is $6300.


Winter Wolf


We target wolves in February and March as part of our management plan for the benefit of all species within our concession.  We run long distance snowmobile trails targeting wolves with snares and traps.  A typical day involves 50-60 miles on a snowmobile checking and setting snares.  We use bait and random sets to catch the elusive wolf.  Our success rate for the last 6 years has been been almost 3 wolves per trip and 2 wolverine.  We include one caught wolf in trip of your choice if you don't shoot one.  The chances of shooting one is very small at less than 25% but we do guarantee you will get a wolf.  You will have your choice of any caught during your trip and for the small chance of not catching any during your trip we will provide one caught previous or after your trip free of charge.  We do catch wolverine on these trips which is always an added bonus.  We charge a $600 fee per wolverine, Lynx $400 and $600 for extra wolves.  If the season is open for additional animals one of each can be taken at no charge.  These animals are Marten, Mink, Beaver, Otter, Fisher and Weasel.  10 day trips are $7350 all inclusive.