Moose Rut Hunts

This is a must do hunt for every hunter and must see for non hunter!  To call a massive 1500 pound animal well into your comfort zone is an experience of a lifetime!  Our moose hunts are all sold during the rut.  The rut starts as early as Sept 5 in our high mountain camps and generally Sept 10th on the rivers and lakes.  The most common method of hunting within our concession is by boat.  We use Jet Boats, Lake Boats, Folding Boats, Inflatable and Hovercraft.  During the rut the big bulls will look for cows which will be found at good feed sources which are generally found along water.  We will have you staying in one of our many cabins and day hunting from it.  A typical day consists of getting up well before daylight and having breakfast.  As soon as its light enough to see safely on the water you and your guide will head out to patrol the shores for feeding moose or bulls randomly traveling seeking cows.  In good spots your guide will spend extra time calling.  This can bring a bull into very close range.  Our typical range of shots when a bull is answering a call is less than 30 yards.  We recommend a 300 win mag or something similar for the rifle hunters.  Archery hunters please contact us for recommended equipment.  We also do some argo and horseback hunts during the rut.  The Horseback hunts require a person to be in good shape and capable of riding 6-8 hours a day.  These are really designed as combo hunts for Moose and Caribou.  They also offer the best odds to harvest a Grizzly.  The argo hunts are specifically only sold as Moose/ Caribou combination.  The moose will be included in price and caribou will be on a harvest fee.  

Once a bull is harvest your guide will expertly skin and butcher the entire animal.  All our guides are experts at taxidermy prepping the animals.  It will be caped and fleshed and salted.  The meat will all be brought back to camp or designated meat hanging area.  Once all this is done then there will be time to search for wolves or bears that may find your moose carcass.  There will be approximately 600 lbs of deboned moose meat.  It is your animal and you are entitled to keep the entire amount.  Bringing the meat home is generally done by driving to our base location in Watson Lake, Yukon. If you fly it makes it quite difficult to bring meat home with you.  You will have to acquire a cooler in Whitehorse and keep it frozen while overnighting in Whitehorse then carry with you as checked baggage.  We will acquire the proper export permit for you.  If you are driving an export permit is also required and can be attained monday thru friday 8:30-5 pm at our local game branch, we will assist.  Most people bring a truck with a freezer in the back and debone meat to fit the freezer.  Keep it chilled until home then to a processor.  A lot of people choose to donate their meat to us.  This is greatly appreciated and we have plenty of people that enjoy this organic wild meat.  We have a meat list and have actually never gotten thru the entire list yet.  Please do not feel bad about leaving meat behind,  Our community really enjoys it.