Air Travel:

For flights into Whitehorse from Vancouver we highly recommend Air North:  


For flights from Whitehorse to Watson Lake please visit Alkan Air:


Car Rental:

If you are driving from Whitehorse to Watson Lake you can rent a car here:


Travel Accommodations And Tourism: 

Our recommended hotels in Whitehorse, these hotels will freeze your meat overnight:


Our recommended hotel in Watson Lake:


For more information on the Yukon please visit:



Travel Insurance:

We highly recommend that you get travel insurance for your trip. You can find that here:




For a great company that can help you find the clothing on the list please visit:


Our recommended boots for our hunts. These boots are both comfortable, warm, and will keep you dry:


Satellite Technology:

If you are looking for a way to stay in touch while you're out in the bush the inreach is amazing. It allows you to text, and receive texts. You can find it here: