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Following are brief descriptions of the different hunts we offer. Please note that each guide may do things differently and will change plans due to weather or game sign. All Trips include Food and Lodging , do not include any hotel rooms at Watson Lake.

Moose Boat Hunt - River or Lake
Yukon Moose Boat Hunt Your hunt typically starts with your trip into camp. This is done the day before your hunt starts. If you fly, you cannot hunt for six hours, so it is a good time to check out your bow or rifle and maybe catch some fish. In the morning, you will have breakfast, then head out on the boat shortly after first light. If your guide decides to go downstream, you will just idle down the river. You can come across moose feeding along the river or just crossing it. You will stop at the hot spots where the guide will call. Depending on the action and plan for the day, you may go back to the cabin for lunch then head out in the early afternoon to try the opposite direction. If you go a long ways, your guide might pack a lunch and spend all day out. Once a moose, is taken and cared for, you can hunt the gut pile for wolves and bear or just take it easy and fish.

Horseback Combo hunts
Bow Hunting on Horseback in the Yukon You will be flown into camp where your guide and a string of horses will meet you the day before your hunt starts. Our horse camps generally have two guides, two hunters and a horse wrangler. Breakfast is between 6 and 7 and you will generally be out of camp by 7 am (depending on horses and weather). Arrival back in camp at night can be anywhere from 6pm- 10pm or next morning. The horse hunts are hard to have a set schedule due to the animals. You might be chasing a goat and decide to camp out for the night instead of heading back to camp.
Our camps vary from August to September. In August, we normally have light camps which generally means tents, we sometimes will have cabins. As the season progresses, the more likely you’ll be staying in a cabin.
Our horses are some of the calmest most reliable in the industry. Your guide will match you up with a horse that will suit you. These horses are in a family group and live together year round. They are surefooted and safe. We rarely buy new horses , we prefer to raise them ourselves. We have had many well traveled hunters comment we have the best horses they have ever been on.

Backpack/four wheeler Hunt
Sheep Hunting by Quad in the Yukon You will again arrive the day before your hunt and may move to half way that evening. The next day you will pack up and take off for the sheep area. Depending on the weather and your ability it could take one long day or two decent days. You and the guide will take turns driving the quad. It is slow going and a rough trail so the quad is only going walking speed. As far as packing your personal gear, you only pack into the backpack as much as you can walk back to base camp with, just in case the quad breaks down.
Once you arrive in sheep camp, you will normally day hunt from there. The country is not rugged so the quad can sometimes be taken to top of the ridge. You then hunt your way on foot from there. Once your sheep is taken, you can hunt for moose/caribou back at the base camp.

Youth Hunts
What better way to create memories than to bring your son/daughter on a hunt specially designed for youth. We run these in August so there's no conflict with school. All of our guides look forward to these fun hunts, sharing the excitement of the young hunters. You must be 12 years of age to hunt the Yukon. They have been successful and enjoyable hunts, as you'll see on our Young Hunters photo gallery.

Winter Wolf Hunts
Sheep Hunting by Quad in the Yukon This is a hunt for the adventure seeker, run from February 1st through the end of March. Putting many miles a day on a snowmobile allows for change of scenery everyday. You are accompanying us as we are actively snaring wolves as part of our management plan to keep healthy populations of all our animals.
We typically concentrate our search on rivers and lakes, as this is where the moose are found in the winter. (The main source of food for wolves) The wolves will run miles on our trails which is a lot easier for them to hunt off of, rather than slugging through waist deep snow. When a wolf kill is found, we will snare it and return frequently to try and catch a glimpse of the wary wolf. Our success rate for the wolves is generally 25% on shooting wolves and 100% on taking one home with you that was snared or trapped. You also can have a chance of catching lynx, wolverine and marten on your trip, depending on the dates you select. Nov- Feb. you can trap most species and in March when it is probably the best time to shoot a wolf, the season is closed for everything except wolf. Lynx and wolverine go until March 10th, Come and save some Moose lives !