Horseback Equipment List


Equipment List Sheep, Goat and Caribou Horseback hunts

Gear plus rifle needs to kept under 60 lbs!!!


-Set of quality raingear ( Helly Hansen, Sitka Gear or Kuiu )

- Warm insulated jacket that can fit underneather your rain jacket( I prefer a down water resistant jacket)  Light and compressable

-Light Jacket or hoody

- Light wool cap or beanie

- Good fitting leather gloves( deer skin are nice)

-Waterproof gloves, or Gore-Tex

- Good hiking boots( Kenetrek, Lowa, Miendl )

- Muck Boots ( Wetland, Woody Max or something rated for 32 F degrees or colder, -40 is not recommended.

-Headlight and one spare change of batteries

- Sleeping Bag rated for below freezing usually 0 F will keep you warm

- We provide foam mats but if you want extra comfort we recommend thermarest Neo Air 24inches wide, and whatever length you need.  These are small and compact well worth having!

General Clothing

Most people pack more than they’ll use, what we suggest is what is average use.

2 pairs hunting pants or jeans,  2 t-shirts and long sleeve

Pair of socks for each day,  2 pair wool over socks

Underwear- your discretion but normal 4-6 pair, 1 set of light long johns

Toiletries,  Babywipes come in very handy

Backpack that is at least 3000 cubic inches( Kuiu is making great packs)

Horse hunts internal frame!!! Backpack Sheep you want 4500 cubic inches minimum!

Small skinning or pocketknife

10x42 binos best you can afford ( Leica and Swarovski recommended)

Small digital camera with extra battery

40 rounds of ammo

Camp shoes

2 Water bottles 32 oz. or 1 liter, Water Treatment system for Giardia

Lip Balm, sunscreen, earplugs( for snoring), reading material

Iridium Sat Phone or In Reach( Highly recommended)